Sunday, November 13, 2011

& My Inspiration Came From...

As you can see, my beauty inspiration is Marilyn Monroe (as I have quoted her a couple of times), but she doesn't get all the credit... a few weeks ago I was browsing through youtube and found two channels i really LOVE! One is a makeup channel by makeupbyeman, Eman is a professional makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada. She shares makeup tutorials and a few hair tutorials on her channel but she also has her own website, and her own blogspot, Check her out, she is amazing and has a lot more going on that what I've mentioned. I've see all of her videos and there are some makeup looks that I absolutely loved and recreated my own way... soon I will post pictures! The other youtube channel I follow is JLovesMac1. Jarmaine is this really funny girl who talks about makeup, fashion, and whatever else some to her mind! I love how free spirited she is and she inspired me to follow her I will soon open my own youtube channel lol. Also check her out, she recently opened a new channel where she talks more deeply into subjects, it is more about her personal point of view on life!

The  reason I'm feeling so passionate about this new project is that even with a hectic schedule, I do like to make time for myself and it is why I decided to this. I know there are many girls out there who are busy but still make time to pampered themselves. Ladies, we are all beautiful, we all like to play looks with makeup, hair, and clothing... & it is why I hope you guys enjoy this and are positive supportive!

On my next blogs to come, I will post about makeup looks, hair ideas, product reviews and some fashion looks. I promise to load pictures and list all the brads, cost, and places where you can find all those products(: My goal for you guys is to share my personal tips and experiences, I will also throw some ideas I have in mind as I go on and get better at this new blogging adventure.

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